Freelancer 3D Modeler - Blender3D / Unreal Engine / GIMP (Photoshop Alternative)

I'm from Bulgaria, born in 1986.


4 years of experience in:

subdivision surface modeling

- Low poly modelling

- Texturing

- Sculpting

- Creating UVs

- Normal Maps

- Displacement Maps

- Specular Maps

- Bump Maps

- Using PBR material (includes Fresnel)

I can work the details online, and once finished with the model, I can send them to you online.

I would love to be part of a team that has one purpose and that is to make awesome movies, even though from a distance I can provide good quality models for the movie the team is working on!


Note: I do not rig my characters, I am just a 3D modeler, so someone else from the team can go ahead and rig my characters and animate them in the movie. I have very basic knowledge in rigging.